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1980-03-23 AT&T Long Lines employment ad - See document More More More [PDFs] 1980-04-08 Computer curb lifted for phone companies More [PDFs] 1980-07-xx Companies jumping on Unix bandwagon More More More More [PDFs]

1981-01-25 Bell Laboratories employment ad - See document More [PDFs] 1981-06-xx Microsoft and Xenix Standard Operating Environment [PDF]

1982-01-08 AT&T settles the Justice Department's antitrust lawsuit 1982-02-02 Company to Adopt Unix 1982-02-20 AT&T weighs in 1982-06-12 The Blit: Merging Bitmap Graphics & Unix 1982-11-08 Desktop Computers Provide Demand For AT&T's Unix System 1982-11-22 New Version of Unix

1983-04-xx Xenix Now Standard on TRS-80 Model 16 1983-05-17 Western Electric to Produce Unix System V More 1983-07-xx Oracle Version 3 relational database 1983-08-04 AT&T, US Agree on Final Aspects of Bell Breakup More More 1983-12-15 Western Electric Company will be dissolved

1984-01-23 Unix Breaks Into the Light 1984-03-27 AT&T Announces Debut in Computer Business 1984-03-28 AT&T and Unix ad More More [PDFs] 1984-07-20 AT&T computers ad More [PDFs] 1984-08-xx Benchmarking Unix Systems - See document [PDF] More More More More 1984-08-xx Unix ad [PDF] 1984-08-23 The Multi-User Computers 1984-10-xx The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System [PDF] 1984-10-xx The UNIX System: Multiprocessor UNIX Operating Systems [PDF]

1985-01-21 AT&T Implements Unix System V for Intel's 286 Microprocessor 1985-01-21 AT&T and Motorola Reach Agreement to Continue Development 1985-01-21 AT&T Implements Unix System V for National Semiconductor's Microprocessors 1985-02-18 Information about Unix [YouTube] 1985-02-27 The Blit: Merging bit-map graphics and Unix 1985-03-27 AT&T Introduces Computer More More [YouTube] 1985-05-xx The AT&T Unix PC More [PDFs] 1985-06-24 AT&T ad [PDF] 1985-09-xx Xenix ad [PDF] 1985-12-30 Unix Is Struggling in Attempt To Be Standard

1986-01-14 Unix Continues Its Quest for Wide Acceptance 1986-02-28 The next generation of personal computers: Workstations 1986-06-17 Compaq Computer Introduces Xenix System V-286 - See document

1987-02-19 AT&T and Microsoft to Introduce Version of Unix System V More 1987-09-02 AT&T Unveils New Computer and Data Networking Products

1988-04-11 AT&T Announces Open Look Graphical User Interface 1988-04-11 AT&T Announces Software Developer Conferences 1988-08-22 AT&T Announces Availability of Unix System V/386 Release 3.2 1988-08-22 Santa Cruz Operation Endorses Unix Trademark - See document 1988-09-20 AT&T About To Close Registration For Software Developer Conference 1988-10-31 AT&T Expands Unix Trademark Licensing Program 1988-11-17 Unisys Announces SCO Xenix System V 2.3 - See document 1988-11-30 Unix International to Guide Development of AT&T Unix System V

1989-01-04 Unix Software Operation to develop, market and license Unix System V 1989-01-31 Unix International Announces Operating Plans 1989-02-15 Microsoft Will Make Investment in The Santa Cruz Operation - See document 1989-02-21 Dell Enters Unix Arena With Family Of '386-Based Multiuser Systems - See document 1989-02-28 Unix International, AT&T Unix Software Operation Announce Changes To Unix Licensing 1989-02-28 AT&T Says Software Will Broaden Range Of Unix System V Applications 1989-02-28 Statement Of Technology and Commercial Direction 1989-03-01 Open Desktop Is Introduced - See document 1989-03-26 Unix International Multiprocessing Working Group 1989-03-31 AT&T Ships Early Version Of Unix System V Release 4.0 Source Code 1989-04-18 Open Look [YouTube] 1989-04-18 Open Desktop [YouTube] 1989-06-30 SCO Unix System V/386 Release 3.2 Ships - See document 1989-10-13 AT&T Details Unix Licensing 1989-11-01 Unix International, Unix Software Operation Introduce Unix System V, Release 4

1990-01-23 Unix International Releases Initial Roadmap for Unix System V More 1990-03-13 Tandem and AT&T join to market fault-tolerant Unix 1990-05-13 Unix Filesystem Benchmark Results 1990-06-04 Unix servers, 2 dozen products unveiled at Comdex 1990-06-12 Unix System V Release 4 is multi-lingual 1990-06-25 AT&T Renames Unix Software Operation Unix System Laboratories 1990-08-21 USL, Intel, SCO open way for binary specification in 386/486 market 1990-09-18 USL will keep Unix System V on UI roadmap 1990-10-01 Repricing and repackaging of AT&T 3B2 computers 1990-10-16 Migration To Unix System V Release 4 Accelerates More 1990-11-01 Unix System Labs will verify shrinkwrapped software 1990-11-02 Dell offers Unix System V Release 4 1990-11-26 SCO MPX 1.1.0 - See document

1991-xx-xx SunOS 5.0 System Administration More [PDFs] 1991-01-04 SCO Is Taking Giant Steps - See document 1991-01-22 Unix International Releases Unix System V Roadmap More 1991-04-03 Unix System Laboratories Announces Common Stock Sale 1991-04-03 Novell invests in Unix System Laboratories 1991-04-09 Unix System Laboratories makes product announcement 1991-05-29 Unix International and Unix System Laboratories Announce Multiprocessing Features 1991-06-25 Intel Demos Multiprocessing SCO Open Desktop and SCO MPX - See document More 1991-07-23 USL dares corporate hackers to try and break new secure Unix 1991-10-08 USL Introduces Multiprocessing Release of Unix System V Release 4.0 1991-10-15 Novell and USL to form joint venture for Unix and Netware 1991-11-06 USL president Larry Dooling to retire; Roel Pieper takes over 1991-12-12 Novell and Unix System Laboratories create Univel

1992-01-16 SCO Announces Connectivity Pact with Novell - See document 1992-01-20 Dell To Factory-Install And Support SCO Unix - See document 1992-01-24 SCO announces SCO Unix Operating System Version 4.0 - See document More 1992-05-20 SCO Open Desktop Release 2.0 - See document More More More More 1992-06-16 Unix System Labs launches Unix System Release 4.2 More More 1992-07-20 UI delivers second early access version of SVR4 ES/MP 1992-11-11 China adopts Unix SVR4.2 1992-12-02 Unix Labs dramatically cuts prices for core OSI products 1992-12-21 Novell to Acquire Unix System Laboratories

1993-02-16 Novell signs agreement with AT&T for acquisition of USL 1993-03-15 Univel Sets New Price Standard 1993-03-17 Unix Labs Announces Unix SVR4.2 SPARC And MIPS Port 1993-05-27 SCO Completes Initial Public Offering - See document 1993-06-04 SCO Open Desktop Release 3.0 - See document More 1993-06-14 Novell Acquires Unix System Laboratories 1993-06-14 USL extends Unix System V platform with microkernel strategy 1993-08-20 Ray Noorda to announce Novell's Unix strategy at Unix Expo 1993-09-22 Novell Moves to Mainstream Unified Unix Standardizing Source Code More 1993-10-11 X/Open Receives Unix Trademark From Novell 1993-12-16 Novell Announces UnixWare 1.1 More More More

1994-01-18 Sun to buy out source code rights from Novell/USL More More 1994-04-06 Bob Frankenberg Named Novell Chief - See document More

1995-01-10 Novell Introduces UnixWare 2 More 1995-05-09 SCO Announces SCO OpenServer Release 5 - See document 1995-09-19 Asset purchase agreement between SCO and Novell [PDF] 1995-09-20 SCO acquires Unix business from Novell More More 1995-11-07 Clustering Technology for UnixWare 2 1995-12-06 Novell Completes Sale of UnixWare to SCO More [PDF] 1995-12-06 Development Agreement Between Novell and SCO [PDF] 1995-12-07 SCO Charts Course to Merged Unix System

1996-02-11 SCO UnixWare 2.1 More [PDF] More [PDF] More [PDF] 1996-02-14 SCO Names Novell's Thompson to its Board - See document 1996-06-17 SCO OpenServer Release 5 - See document More [PDF] 1996-07-03 Gemini FasTrack Developer Conference at SCO Forum 96 1996-07-18 SCO Forms Internal Group To Enhance Unix System Technologies 1996-08-29 John Young and Joe Marengi to Replace Bob Frankenberg - See document 1996-10-16 Novell SCO Amendment to APA [PDF] 1996-12-03 SCO and Novell Create New Unix Certification Offerings

1997-02-18 SCO Advanced File and Print Server - See document More 1997-03-18 Eric Schmidt Appointed Novell's Chief Executive Officer - See document 1997-04-07 SCO UnixWare Release 2.1.2 1997-05-06 SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.4 - See document 1997-08-19 SCO Unleashes Technology for Intel Unix System V Release 5 More [PDF] More [PDF] 1997-08-19 Compaq and SCO Announce Strategic Alliance for the Enterprise 1997-10-14 SCO's 64-Bit UnixWare Development on Track with Release of Intel's Merced Processor

1998-02-24 Compaq, Data General, ICL and Unisys Invest in SCO's UnixWare System 1998-03-11 SCO UnixWare 7 More More More 1998-08-17 SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 - See document 1998-08-19 SCO and Compaq Unveil Program to Target Unix on Intel Clustering Market 1998-09-16 SCO and Intel to Deliver Common Device Support Across Unix Operating Systems 1998-12-22 SCO's UnixWare Clusters Sets New Performance and Scalability Records

1999-03-03 SCO Adds Linux Application Binary Support To UnixWare System - See document 1999-03-18 UnixWare 7 Data Center Edition 1999-10-04 Linux - See document [PDF]

2000-08-02 Caldera Systems to Acquire SCO Server Software

2001-05-07 Caldera Completes Acquisitions of Two SCO Divisions 2001-06-26 Open Unix 8 2001-07-10 Jack Messman Becomes Novell's President and CEO - See document More

2002-08-26 Caldera to Change Name to The SCO Group

2003-05-12 SCO Letter To Linux Customers - See document More 2003-05-20 The SCO Group Name Change Approved by Shareholders 2003-05-28 Novell Challenges SCO Position, Reiterates Support for Linux - See document More 2003-06-06 SCO Confirms Copyright Ownership of UNIX and UnixWare - See document 2003-06-06 Novell Statement on SCO Contract Amendment - See document More [PDF] 2003-07-21 SCO Registers UNIX Copyrights and Offers UNIX License - See document 2003-11-18 Novell Statement on SCO claims regarding non-compete clause in contracts - See document 2003-12-22 Novell Statement on UNIX Copyright Registrations - See document

2004-01-20 SCO Files Slander of Title Lawsuit Against Novell - See document

2006-06-22 Novell Names Ron Hovsepian To Succeed Jack Messman as CEO - See document

2007-08-10 Novell Wins Right to Unix Copyrights - See document More

2008-07-21 SCO v. Novell ruling is good news - See document More

2009-05-15 SCO and Chapter 7 - See document More 2009-08-24 Court overturns key computer software decision - See document More

2010-03-30 Utah Jury Confirms Novell Has Ownership of UNIX Copyrights - See document More 2010-06-11 Judge Issues Final Judgment Confirming Novell Ownership of UNIX Copyrights - See document 2010-11-22 Attachmate Corporation to Acquire Novell - See document 2010-11-22 Novell Agrees to be Acquired by Attachmate Corporation - See document

2011-04-20 CPTN Holdings LLC and Novell Change Deal - See document 2011-04-27 The Attachmate Group Completes Acquisition of Novell - See document 2011-04-27 Novell Completes Merger with Attachmate and Patent Sale to CPTN Holdings LLC - See document 2011-08-30 Court rules against Utah’s SCO over Unix copyrights - See document

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